valtrex and alcohol interactionValtrex is one of the widespread options for fighting herpes viruses. It is an antiviral remedy that relies on the active ingredient Valacyclovir hydrochloride. Its action is based on chemicals that break down the virus’ membrane and penetrate the DNA chain, impeding the cells from replicating. There are some of the points on valtrex and alcohol interaction that every patient must get acquainted with before the intake.

Being a strong medicine with heavy chemical content, Valtrex produces a big load on kidneys, liver and the nervous system, particularly the neurons of the brain.  Alcohol is known to have detrimental effects on all of the mentioned systems. So, when the two substances are combined together, the effects resulting may be unpredictable leading to severe complications, especially if there are other health issues involved.

Alcohol intake belongs to one of the main valacyclovir contraindications because of their combined detrimental action on the liver. Their combination may cause the cells to die and initiate the process of tissue necrosis. Cirrhosis (liver tissue scarring) is also one of the possible risks. Although pure Valacyclovir may also decrease liver function even without alcohol, this effect may only be temporary. However, alcohol can make it irreversible.

Moreover, alcohol intake may prompt heavy side effects on the nervous system in individuals taking Valacyclovir. The undesired effects may include hallucinations, loss of coordination and focus, an overall decrease of cognitive abilities. The stronger the alcoholic drink you combine it with, the more noticeable the consequences will be.

There is evidence that combining alcoholic liquids and Valtrex may cause difficulty breathing or cause the heart to stop due to the lack of oxygen. If there is any chance that you are allergic to either the food you are eating at the same time or valacyclovir itself, the results may be lethal.

If you have kidney dysfunction or any other kidney-related issues, you must never self-prescribe Valtrex or combine it with any alcoholic drinks. Since the organism disposes of acyclovir mainly through the kidneys, alcohol may slow down the disposal and cause a severe chemical poisoning and aggravated side effects because of the valacyclovir overdose.

valacyclovir contraindicationsIf an individual taking Valtrex is older than 65, alcoholic drinks ought to be taken with additional precaution. Any undesired effects are tolerated less successfully by elderly patients, and alcohol may decrease that resistance to a minimum. These pills are also not advised to women who are pregnant or lactating, especially if combined with products that contain alcohol.

Valtrex’s use is allowed with milder alcoholic drinks in moderate portions. However, before combining the two, it is necessary to ask your physician. Given the above precautions, it would be best to avoid alcohol while any kind of antivirus therapy is in course.