generic valacyclovir after cold sore appearsValtrex is widely applied to help individuals remedy blisters prompted by any kind of herpes virus. Herpes sores are inflamed wounds that manifest on the interior of the mouth cavity or on the exterior parts of lips. They are normally attributed to what is called labial herpes. Below, you can find the essential instructions on valtrex and cold sores elimination.

Valtrex is a remedy that has Valacyclovir hydrochloride as a basis. This substance has antivirus properties that operate on the virus DNA level. The acyclovir that is generated in the process of pill intake penetrates the virus DNA impeding further procreation. Consequently, herpes sores prompted by the herpes virus heal. The pill stops the pain in the blister, fastens the healing process and can also be ingested with the purpose of prevention of further cold blisters.

The valtrex cold sore dosage will differ depending on your condition. Infections that are rooted in herpes virus are remedied with 500 milligrams (1 pill of Valtrex) 2 times per day. The integrity of the pill must be kept intact before the intake. There is an alternative scheme for ingesting Valtrex to remedy cold sores, which is taking a total of 2 grams 2 times per day for 1 day. If you choose this scheme, you can go on like this for no more than 1 day. The earlier the therapy is started, the better (use Valtrex when the first symptoms like itching, tingling sensations or redness appear).

Usually, we tend to take the pills of generic valacyclovir after cold sore appears, but it’s also possible to take them for prevention. If your immune system is in order, it’s advised to take 1 pill per day for a week during periods of vulnerability (typically cold weather). The same scheme of intake is good for preventing the contraction of the virus to other healthy individuals that are in your proximity.

Valtrex is typically followed by some infrequent undesired effects, the most frequent of them being headaches, nausea, and vomiting. These don’t occur in more than 1 patient per 10. More rarely, individuals may get vertigos, confusion, hallucinating and other neurological symptoms; difficulty breathing, rashes, itching, diarrhea, indigestion. In very rare cases, there can be some problems in kidney and liver functioning can occur, but they will always be treatable. If your undesired effects give you a lot of discomfort, always consult your physician on whether you ought to keep taking the remedy.

Individuals respond well to the pill if their immune defense is not compromised and if the kidneys are functioning well. For other categories of patients, an adjustment of the dose is advised under a professional medical control. The dosage for individuals with immune system dysfunctions is of 500 milligrams 2 times per day, but the course of therapy may take 4 to 12 months. For individuals with other comorbidities or at an elderly age, there is no need to correct the dosage. In any case, a doctor’s consultation is advised, as self-prescription of antiviral remedies may result harmful for your health.

The expiration period of the pill is of 3 years, and it is always to be kept out of the children’s reach.